Publications / Events

Type Publication
Conference Presentation
Reliability and Safety of Software Driven Systems, “Cost-efficient architectures enabling fail-operational behaviour”, Berlin (Germany), September 2017.
Conference Presentation & Paper
Automotive Software Kongress 2017, „Von Fail-Silent zu Fail-Operational: Verlässliche Adaptive Software-Architekturen“, Landshut (Germany), September 2017.
“Safe adaptation for reliable and energy-efficient E/E architectures” in Comprehensive Energy Management - Safe Adaptation, Predictive Control and Thermal Management, Print & Online, July 2017.
Conference Presentation & Paper
Embedded Software Engineering Kongress 2016, „Adaptive Software-Architekturen für automatisierte Systeme – Fail-Operational: Wie hochautomatisierte Funktionen trotz Fehler funktionieren“, Sindelfingen (Germany), December 2016.
Conference Presentation & Paper 4th International Workshop on Critical Automotive Applications: Robustness & Safety, “Towards flexible and dependable E/E-architectures for future vehicles”, Gothenburg (Sweden), September 2016.
Conference Presentation Euroforum International Conference Automotive Software Development, “Fail-operational in-vehicle E/E-architectures - dependable basis for automated driving”, Munich (Germany), September 2016.
Publication „Ausfallsicherheit mit AUTOSAR: Ressourcen neu verteilen“, Elektronik automotive, Vol. 08-09/2016, Print & Online, August 2016.
Publication „Neue Konzepte für zukünftige E/E-Architekturen“, Hanser automotive, Vol. 07-08, July 2016, Print & Online, July 2016.
Publication “Fail-operational E/E Architecture for Highly-automated Driving Functions“, ATZelektronik worldwide, Vol. 3/2016, Print & Online, June 2016.
Publication “Ausfallsichere E/E-Architektur für hochautomatisierte Fahrfunktionen“, ATZelektronik, Vol. 3/2016, Print & Online, June 2016.
Conference Presentation EclipseCon France 2016, “Introducing OpenCert: Evolutionary Assurance and Certification for Safety-Critical Systems”, Toulouse (France), June 2016.
Industrial Experts Workshop Public Presentation of SafeAdapt Results & Demonstration, Munich (Germany), June 2016.
Presentation of SafeAdapt Project EAST-ADL Association Board Meeting, Munich (Germany), June 2016.
Conference Participation & Presentation CPS Week, Vienna (Austria), April 2016.
Event SafeAdapt joins the 4th Generation E-Vehicle Cluster at Fraunhofer ESK, March 2016.
Publication  “SafeAdapt enables fail-operational automotive E/E systems”, Web/ EETimes, March 10, 2016
Conference Presentation &  Paper Paper & presentation of SafeAdapt results at Automotive meets Electronics 2016, Dortmund (Germany), March 2016.
Presentation of SafeAdapt Project EC Digital Agenda for Europe –  "SafeAdapt: Dependable Software-Architecture for E-Mobility and Autonomous Driving", Web/ EC-Website, February 2016.
Conference Presentation
"ICT-System for Automation and Plug&Play in Vehicles" at Euroforum Jahrestagung Elektroniksysteme im Automobil, Munich (Germany), February 2016.
Conference Participation & Booth & Presentation
Presentation of SafeAdapt AUTOSAR demonstrator at Embedded World, Nuremberg (Germany), February 2016.
Presentation Presentation  of SafeAdapt at the "European Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress", Brussels (Belgium), December 2015.
Conference Presentation Advance Engineering UK, SafeAdapt project presentation, Birmingham (UK), November 2015.
Conference Participation & Publication
WoSoCer 2015, "Qualitative Evaluation of Fault Hyptotheses with Non-Intrusive Fault Injection", Gaithersburg (WA, USA), November 2015.
Conference Participation & Publication
"A safe generic adaption mechanism for smart cars" at ISSRE 2015, Porto (Portugal), November 2015.
Conference Presentation World Mobility Summit 2015, "RACE - A Software- and Systems Platform for Smart Vehicles", Munich (Germany), October 2015.
Conference Participation & Publication "Pattern-Based Approach for Designing Fail-operational Safety-Critical Embedded Systems" at EUC 2015, Porto (Portugal), October 2015.
Conference Presentation
MobileEM Colloquium, "RACE - A Software- and Systems Platform for Smart Vehicles", Aachen (Germany), October 2015.
Conference Presentation E-Mobility beyond 2020: technical opportunities and business approach, SafeAdapt project presentation, Torino (Italy), September 2015.
Conference Participation & Publication
CARS Workshop "RACE RTE: A Runtime Environment for Robust Fault-Tolerant Vehicle Functions", Paris (France), September 2015.
Invited Talk "RACE: Robust and Reliable Automotive Computing Environment for Future e-Cars" at Design Automation Converence, San Francisco (USA), June 2015.
Keynote Presentation
VEHITS 2015, "A Software- and Systems Platform for Smart Vehicles", Lissabon (Portugal), May 2015.
Conference Participation & Publication
EITEC Workshop 2015, "Multi-Agent Optimization for Safety Analysis of Cyber-Physical Systems: Position Paper", Seattle (WA, USA), April 2015.
Conference Presentation
"RACE - Eine E/E-Architektur für Infotainment-, Fahr- und Automatisierungsfunktionen", Wolfsburg (Germany), April 2015.
Conference Participation & Publication "Parameterization of fail-operational architectural patterns" at SAC 2015, Salamanca (Spain), April 2015. (Poster)
Presentation Presentation of SafeAdapt adaption concepts at 2015, Munich (Germany), April 2015.
Presentation "RACE - E/E Architektur für Infotainment- Fahr- und Automatisierungsfunktionen" at Forum Elektromobilität, Berlin (Germany), March 2015.
Booth on Conference
Booth on Conference at "Bordnetze im Automobil", Ludwigsburg (Germany), March 2015.
Presentation Presentation of SafeAdapt in project "Langstreckentauglichkeit E-Mobilität", Ruhruniversität Bochum (Germany), March 2015.
Presentation Presentation at "embedded world", Nuremberg (Germany), February 2015.
Presentation Presentation of SafeAdapt at "CES Las Vegas", Las Vegas (USA), January 2015.
Presentation Presentation of SafeAdapt project on "Meeting Future AUTOSAR WG", Regensburg (Germany), January 2015.
Publication "Design of Self-Adaption in Distribution Embedded Systems", Munich (Germany), January 2015.
Introduction Introduction of SafeAdapt goals at "Automotive Ethernet Day", Stuttgart (Germany), November 2014.
Newsletter Newsletter for ANFIA in the Research and Development sector, Web, November 2014.
Presentation Presentation of SafeAdapt at AUTOSAR Engineering Day, Vienna (Austria), October 2014.
Introduction Introduction of SafeAdapt goals at "30. VDI/VW Gemeinschaftstagung Fahrerassistenzsysteme", Wolfsburg (Germany), October 2014.
Keynote Presentation
"Challenges of a safe adaptation architecture for vehicles" at SASSUR 2014, Florence (Italy), September 2014.
Workshop Organization "SASSUR International Workshop on Next Generation of System Assurance Approaches for Safety Critical Systems" within SAFECOMP International Conference on Computer Safety Reliability and Security, Florence (Italy), September 2014.
Invited Talk "Open Safety Meta-Model" at Mixed-Criticality Research and Innovation Roadmap Workshop during HIPEAC Industrial Week, Spain, May 2014.
Presentation "Change in Mobility - push for movement in mobility behavior" at evolution:m, Bregenz (Austria), May 2014.
Presentation/ Publication
"Multi-Agent Optimization for Safety Analysis of Cyber-Physical Systems" at 2nd International IFIP Workshop on Emerging Ideas and Trend in Engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems (EITEC), Seattle (USA), April 2014.
Keynote Presentation
"ICT architecture as an engine for the electromobility of the future" at Smartgreens, Barcelona (Spain), April 2014. (Video)
Workshop "Memory Concepts for Enabling Adaptivity in Distributed Embedded Systems" at 6th Workshop on Adaptive and Reconfigurable Embedded Systems (APRES 2014) during CPS Week, Berlin (Germany), April 2014.
Presentation/ Publication
"Adaptive software architecture for E-vehicles rectifies problems on its own" at Conference on Future Automotive Technology Focus Electromobility (CoFAT 2014), Munich (Germany), March 2014.
Presentation Presentation of SafeAdapt at TTTech booth at "Bordnetze im Automobil", Ludwigsburg (Germany), March 2014.
Presentation Presentation of SafeAdapt at TTTech and Fraunhofer ESK booths at "embedded world" trade fair, Nuremberg (Germany), February 2014.
Flyer Safe Adaptive Software for Fully Electric Vehicles, February 2014.
Conference Participation
Discussions about TTEthernet at "CES Las Vegas", Las Vegas (USA), January 2014.
Presentation "E/E Architecture for Electric Vehicles" at European Green Cars Initiative Workshop, Brussels (Belgium), October 2013.
Presentation "With modular integration to a new EV architecture" at European Conference on Nano-electronics and Embedded Electric Mobility, Toulouse (France), September 2013.