WP2: Scenarios and Requirements

D2.1 Definition of use cases and scenarios for safe adaptation (Public) Report
D2.2 Requirements for the runtime control for safe adaptation and supporting hardwareplatforms (Public) Report
D2.3 Requirements for the design process and tools for safe adaptation (Public) Report

WP3: Safe Adaptation Runtime Core

D3.1 Concept for enforcing safe adaptation during runtime based on reliable dynamic reconfiguration (Public) Report
D3.2 Specification of runtime control for enforcing safe adaptation (Confidential) Report
D3.3 Specification of ISO 26262 safety goal for self-adaptation scenarios (Public) Report
D3.4 SafeAdapt Platform Core prototype (Restricted) Prototype

WP4: Design Methodology & Tools

D4.1 Concept for modelling safe adaptive system behaviour (Public) Report
D4.2 Specification of the design process for safe adaptive embedded systems and tool support for V&V adaptive system behaviour (Public) Report
D4.3 Prototype tool chain for the design as well as the verification & validation of dynamic system behaviour during the design process (Restricted) Prototype

WP5: Prototyping & Evaluation

D5.1 Evaluation methodology for the SafeAdapt results (Public) Report
D5.2 Use cases prototypes (Public) Prototype
D5.3 Evaluation results of the specified use cases and scenarios (Public) Report